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Walkable Neighborhoods are Key to Revitalizing American Suburbs
Suburbs around the country are reinventing themselves by adopting pedestrian-friendly streets and amenities, according to a news report on CNBC. The growing demand for neighborhoods where people can walk to shops, restaurants, parks and schools is outpacing supply–but creating walkable communities goes beyond simply building sidewalks and deploying other pedestrian-friendly elements.

40 Percent of Americans Surveyed Say Neighborhoods Not Walkable
Almost 80 percent of Americans surveyed believe they should walk more, but 40 percent say they do not do so because their neighborhoods do not have nearby services, shops, schools and work, according to results of a recent survey unveiled at the National Walk Summit. The survey found that the biggest neighborhood barriers to walking include a lack of sidewalks, drivers who speed, and drivers who talk or text on their cellphones.


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