New Preserve America Stewards Program

Applications are now being accepted in a new recognition program of the
Preserve America initiative — Preserve America Stewards — which will
honor exemplary volunteer efforts at historic resources around the
country. Mrs. Laura Bush, First Lady and Honorary Chair of Preserve
America, announced the new program at the Preserve America Presidential
Awards ceremony on May 12 at the White House.

The program will recognize stewardship programs that have demonstrated
a successful use of volunteer time and commitment in order to help care
for our cultural heritage. Government entities (federal, tribal, state,
or local), non-profit organizations, and businesses are eligible to
apply to have their programs recognized.

The application form and guidance is attached and is also available at While the quarterly schedule for submissions
makes June 1st the next deadline, we encourage applicants to submit
applications at any time over the summer if they are interested in
being among the first programs to be designated as Preserve America

To be designated, applicants must demonstrate that their programs
provide individual volunteers with opportunities to contribute in
direct and tangible ways to the preservation, protection, and promotion
of historic properties; address an otherwise unfilled need in heritage
preservation through the use of volunteer effort; and demonstrate
innovative and creative use of volunteer assistance in areas such as
youth involvement, volunteer training, public education, and
public/private partnerships.

Designated programs will receive a certificate of recognition as well
as a letter of congratulations signed by Mrs. Bush, similar to the
existing Preserve America Community recognition program. The
organizations and agencies will also be listed in an online directory,
with links to their own Web sites, contact information, and information
for potentially interested volunteers about getting involved.

Other benefits will include listing in a joint Preserve America/Take
Pride in America national database of volunteer heritage resource
stewardship opportunities; use of the Preserve America logo in public
outreach and promotional activities; enhanced access to existing
technical assistance resources that may be helpful in the development,
management, and ongoing support of a local volunteer stewardship
program; periodic selection in a “Program Highlights” feature on the
Preserve America and Take Pride in America Web sites; and consideration
for further national recognition through existing annual volunteer
service awards sponsored by the federal government.

For further information, contact Druscilla Null at or at (202) 606-8532.


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