Lookout Mountain Parkway Completes Corridor Management Plan

LMP_river.jpgThe purpose of this project is to develop a Corridor Management Plan (CMP) for the Lookout Mountain Parkway that is consistent with the requirements laid out in the Alabama Scenic Byway Program Manual. The CMP is a key step in the Designation Phase of the Scenic Byway and it focuses on “protecting, enhancing and managing the resources identified in the Eligibility Application for both present and future conditions.”

The Alabama Scenic Byway Program encourages a “grass roots” approach to the development as well as implementation of the CMP. This approach facilitates the active participation of the community and stakeholders in the Plan, while in the process empowering them to take ownership of the Byway. The consultant, HNTB Corporation,developed the Plan through a participatory process involving the Byway’s Corridor Advocacy Group. The goal of the Lookout Mountain Parkway Scenic Byway Corridor Management Plan is to provide a guide for the preservation and enhancement of this roadway and its intrinsic resources.

Real People, Real Places! Northeast Alabama’s Lookout Mountain Parkway Scenic Byway, named by Reader’s Digest as one of America’s Scenic Drives, serves as a gateway to your imagination. Envision a land where real people bring the past alive, with historic town squares, pioneer villages, confederate ironworks, antique shops and Native American folklore and artifacts. Imagine a land of real places burgeoning with untouched natural beauty, with gorges, rivers, lakes, wildlife and scenic waterfalls.

Picture a land ripe with recreational and cultural opportunities, from boating, fishing, skiing and hiking along miles of pristine trails to museums, opera houses and art galleries. All these dreams and more are here today and await visitors along Alabama’s Lookout Mountain Parkway Scenic Byway. Discover why it feels so right! The Lookout Mountain Parkway Corridor Management Plan: LMP_CMP2008.pdf (4 megs)

The Lookout Mountain Parkway Scenic Byway traverses three states: Alabama, Georgia and Tennessee along a single mountain ridge (refer to Figure 2-1). In Alabama, the Parkway passes through Etowah, Cherokee and DeKalb Counties. In Georgia it passes through Chattooga, Dade and Walker Counties. Finally, the Parkway ends in Tennessee near Chattanooga in Hamilton County.

Just what is a Corridor Management Plan (CMP): CMP means a document
prepared for a highway that is required to designate a corridor as a
National Scenic Byway. Fourteen key components must be included in a
CMP, as indicated by the FHWA, covering a range of factors from
complete route identification, resource accounting and designating
management groups to safety concerns, resource protection measures and
Byway marketing. The CMP serves as a guide to sustainable development
and promotion of the corridor and its resources into the future.

The Alabama Scenic Byways Program seeks “to identify, preserve, protect and enhance scenic, historic, natural, recreational, cultural and archaeological resources; enhance recreation; and, promote economic development through tourism and education in the history, culture and natural beauty of Alabama.”2 The program was started in the 1990’s in response to the inauguration of the National Scenic Byways Program under the Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act of 1991 (ISTEA). The initial State Scenic Byways in Alabama were designated through legislative action. The passage of the “Alabama the Beautiful Act” in 2000 further formalized the process of Scenic Byway designation and management. More recently, the Alabama Scenic Byways Program developed a Program Manual to provide assistance in the identification of truly outstanding facilities and guidance in the Byway process to interested parties.

The Alabama State Scenic Byway Program is consciously patterned after the National Scenic Byway Program. This approach ensures that Alabama Scenic Byways are eligible to become National Scenic Byways and also provides access to a host of funding opportunities to assist with development of Scenic Byways in Alabama.

Learn more about the Alabama Byways program by visiting their website: www.alabamabyways.org. Watch for a new look to the Alabama Byways website coming in the next few months!

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