House Resolution on Congressional Support for Biking

May 21, 2008 – At the 110th Congress, 2nd session, H Con Res 305 – a concurrent resolution recognizing the importance of bicycling in transportation and recreation – was passed by the House of Representatives.

The resolution made statements and addressed statistics on bicycle use and non-motorized vehicles, including, “…the American bicyclist generates enormous economic returns – in 2006, the national bicycling economy contributed $133 billion to the U.S. economy, supported nearly 1.1 million jobs across U.S., generated $17.7 billion in annual Federal and State tax revenue, produced $53.1 billion annually in retail sales and services, and provided sustainable growth in rural communities.” The resolution recognized “increased and safe” bicycle use and included references to safety, intermodal transportation, support of funding for non-motorized travel, facilitated development of a coordinated system of bicycle routes across the country, and more. For full text of the resolution, visit

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