Grants for Youth Projects

Education Programs for Disadvantaged Youth Supported
The mission of the Staples Foundation for Learning is to teach, train, and inspire people from all walks of life by providing educational and growth opportunities. The Foundation supports programs that provide job skills and/or education for all people, with special emphasis on disadvantaged youth. The goal of the Foundation’s grant program is to help local groups with programs and services that will positively impact their communities every day.
For the first two funding cycles in 2008, proposals must be submitted between February 29 and March 14 and between June 2 and June 16. For more information, please visit

Services for Disabled Children Supported
The Innovating Worthy Projects Foundation provides support to nonprofit
organizations throughout the United States that are dedicated to
providing direct care or services for children with special needs,
acute illnesses, or chronic disabilities. Preference is given to small
organizations that might not otherwise be helped. Grants support new
ideas and approaches to providing services as well as equipment
Requests are accepted from January 1 through August 31, annually. Please see for more information.
Changemakers’ Young Men at Risk Competition
The competition will be open to all types of organizations and is aimed
at identifying the most innovative approaches to helping a generation
of young people around the world fulfill their potential and become
healthy, successful adults.  We are looking for innovations that are
beyond the idea stage.  The assessment criteria is based on the program
being innovative, having social impact, and being sustainable.
Entries can be submitted until 6 pm Eastern US time on January 23, 2008.
The three finalists that receive the most votes will each receive a cash prize of US $5,000.
For more information, please visit


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