FHWA National Scenic Byways Program Opens Nominations Cycle

he Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) announced the sixth National Scenic Byways Program nomination cycle. All nomination applications must be completed online at http://www.bywaysonline.org/nominations/application, and submitted both electronically and as a signed hard copy. The hard copy of the completed nomination and completion of the online nomination are due from the State, Indian tribe, or Federal land management agencies to the FHWA Division Offices by December 17, 2008.

Documents to help potential nominees prepare their nomination are available at http://www.bywaysonline.org/nominations. They include the Designation Readiness Worksheet, Image Style Guide, Nominations Guide, and other important documents, such as FHWA’s Interim Policy for the National Scenic Byways Program. If you have questions about designation, please check the “Frequently Asked Questions about Designations” article at http://www.bywaysonline.org/nominations/articles/74891. If you cannot find your answer, send an email to cindi.ptak@dot.gov. These FAQs will be updated regularly.

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