Feasibility Study: Establishing a Community-Based Arts Center in Jasper, Alabama

This study examines the feasibility associated with establishing and operating a community-based arts center in Jasper, Alabama, in the context of the greater Walker County area. The representatives of the Walker Area Community Foundation and the Arts Alliance have envisioned a community arts facility that fits within a certain range of criteria. While the vision is yet broad, there are areas of agreement that define the desired center and limit the scope of this feasibility study. They agree that such a center should be: intimate, local, versatile, unique, supportive, that it should preserve local history, and that it should attract tourists to the community.

The preponderance of arts participation in the East South Central region seems to focus on historical sites, art and craft fairs/festivals, and literature. Even so, participation is lower here than most other regions of the U.S. Focus on those areas where participation is already extant, with intensified effort in areas that will appeal to, and match the characteristics of, the local population are most likely to succeed in the Walker County setting. This study was produced for the Walker Area Community Foundation. (www.wacf.org). Download the full study here:
WACFFinal Report.pdf

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