Charrette System, Certificate 3 Day Training

Charrette System, Certificate 3 Day Training – visit to for registration information – accredited with AICP for 18 CM credits and AIA for 18 CES units

April 14 – April 16, 2009, 9am – 4pm each day.  Training services provided by the National Charrette Institute and hosted by the Regional Planning Commission of Greater Birmingham located at 1731 1st Avenue North, 1st Floor Conference Room, Birmingham, AL  35203.

Visit to obtain registration form and for online registration with a credit card.
This 3-day training is a fresh, new course that illustrates the capability of the NCI Charrette System for all aspects of community planning. Participants learn the practical NCI Charrette System skills, tools and techniques through new interactive, hands-on exercises practiced on four case study types:
§         Sustainable community planning
§         Regional/comprehensive planning
§         Transportation/infrastructure planning
§         Transit oriented development planning

Who should take this course: The training is ideal for planners and designers specializing in sustainable development, transportation, public works, and transit as well as citizen advocacy.
Course Content: The purpose of this training is to teach the tools and techniques for planning and running a successful project using a NCI charrette and to give participants a practical understanding of the power of the NCI Charrette System to create sustainable communities. It is an advanced course for serious planning practitioners, developers and community advocates.  The course begins with a comprehensive overview of the entire NCI Charrette System including a day-by-day account of the process and products of a recent charrette. This overview sets the framework for the in-depth case study exercises, conducted in a small team format. The goal of the exercises is to teach the essential tools for assessing and planning a project using a NCI Charrette, including: Project Touchstones, Objectives and Measures, Stakeholder Analysis, Project Roadmap, Charrette Ready Plan and Charrette Schedule. Also covered are discussions of charrette team capabilities and chemistry, charrette studio set-up, budgets and stories from famous charrette successes and failures. One major benefit of this training is meeting and working with your fellow students. NCI trainings consistently attract top practitioners in the field from across the US and abroad. Students report that one of the most valuable aspects of the course is learning from each other and establishing beneficial relationships with others in the field of community planning. You will gain a practical, working knowledge of the most advanced tools and techniques used by the leaders in community planning. Depending on your skill and experience level, upon completion of the training you will be able to host or conduct a NCI charrette.

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