An Interesting Review of the Your Town Alabama Blog To Date

330 entries have been made since February 16, 2008 in the Your Town Alabama blog. That’s right around one entry per day!

Since July 2008, we’ve had the following:

* 7,014 Visits
* 5,678 Absolute Unique Visitors
* 11,300 Pageviews

Top keywords include the following:
Your Town Alabama; land and water conservation fund Alabama; year of Alabama history; comprehensive plans Eufaula; Christmas light shows in Alabama; green resource center Birmingham; small town development; history brochure; Alabama small towns (and many, many more)

Referring Sites include:;;;;;;;;;; (and many more)

Country Visits:
6,672 visits came from 82 countries/territories

The U.S. has sent the vast majority of those visits with 6,267 visits via 52 regions (all 50 states plus the District of Columbia and one undefined area within the U.S.) 3,360 of those visits came from within Alabama.

Top City Visits:
Birmingham; Montgomery; Cherokee; Quinter; Mobile, Huntsville, Tallahassee; Auburn; New York; Northport; North Metro (Atlanta); Pell City; Trussville; Fultondale; Atlanta; Washington D.C.; Leeds; Dothan; Sheffield; Madison (a total of 1,080 cities from the U.S. have visited).

Monthly Trends:
Beginning with the first full month of tracking, we’ve seen a steady increase in traffic (with an exception for the typically slow second half of December):
August 1-31, 2008: 1,155 visits
September 1-30, 2008: 1,355 visits
October 1-31, 2008: 1,317 visits
November 1-30, 2008: 1,518 visits
December 1-30, 2008: 1,236 visits

We are receiving over 250 visits each week since we started tracking visits, with all weeks since November 1 over the 300 mark. Several peaks have been nearly 500 visits in a given week.

The Your Town Alabama video has been downloaded 86 times and viewed 113 times (in addition to any views that took place on the actual website)

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