America’s Byways Research Useful to All

Though the following information pertains specifically to America’s Byways (, the research and ideas are extremely useful to all small towns and communities. In particular, download and review the trends and expectations documents located

America’s Byways Resource Center, in partnership with the Federal Highway Administration National Scenic Byways Program, executed three phases of research in association with the development of a Public Awareness Strategy for America’s Byways®. The 2006/2007 Longwoods Travel USA® Personal Vehicular Travel Analysis and Custom Image & Positioning Research studies identified America’s Byways three priority segments as Touring, Special Event and Outdoor travelers.  This research can be found on the America’s Byways Resource Center website at
In order to attract these travelers, we are looking ahead and would like input from you on story and theme ideas for the homepage. The Feature Stories are short stories that include a few byways with a particular theme, see . The Activity Stories have more detail and include a minimum of 10 stories, see
Here is a list of the upcoming proposed schedule for both Feature and Activity stories. The topic ideas/themes used should be fun, interesting, and engaging. New and different ideas/themes are always welcome!
An example: New York America’s Byways are celebrating the 250th anniversary of the French and Indian War.
New Feature – Shipwrecks
New Activity – Gardens
New Feature – Small towns & Villages (could be unique museums or walking tours or festivals)
New Activity – Road biking

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