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As a Your Town-er, we are sure that you have taken the Your Town Alabama assets-based concept back to your community and are working to change the world.  We realize that many of the Your Town alumni return to their communities with new ideas and face the: “That’s nice but it can’t be done here,” mentality of the neighbors who haven’t been exposed to the Your Town asset-based principles and “can-do” message. 

To assist you in your quest, Your Town Alabama, through funding from the Appalachian Regional Commission, has produced a web-based video.  The video provides an introduction to:

  • Alabama the Beautiful – Alabama is a beautiful State, full of natural resources and economic opportunities, and is worthy of preservation.  These concepts represent an economic engine for communities.
  • They Can Do It – Why Can’t We? – Showcases Alabama examples of good community development practices.
  • Economics of Great Community Planning – Provides case examples of the economic benefit of creative community planning.

It is hoped that this project will provide support to alumni, provide education on sustainable asset-based economic development to the local community and encourage participation in Your Town Alabama events. 

The 10 minute introduction video – Planning to Succeed: Asset-Based Planning in Small Town and Rural Alabama is available for viewing below and on the Your Town Alabama website (   A longer, more detailed DVD version is available through the Your Town Alabama website which includes:
ß 10 minute introduction web-based video
ß 20 minute complete version

You may download the 10 minute web-based version free by completing the request form at   Copies of the DVD are free to Your Town Alumni by indicating your graduating class.  If you are not a Your Town Alumni, a $10 contribution is requested to offset duplication, processing and postage.

We encourage you to take advantage of this resource to educate civic leaders, elected officials and others about asset-based planning.  Please share your success, progress and needs through the Your Town Alabama blog on our website.

As always, with warmest regards,
Paul Kennedy, President

You can also view the video in a larger format by visiting it on Google Video.

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