USDA Housing Preservation Grant

The U.S. Department of Agriculture announces the Notice of Funding
Availability (NOFA) for the Housing Preservation Grant Program. This
program is available for residents of rural areas whose incomes fall into
the low and very low income categories and who need assistance to repair or
rehabilitate their homes. An area is considered rural if it is populated
with 20,000 people or less. Urban area residents would not be eligible for
the program. Nonprofits, local governments, and Native American tribes can
receive the grant funding to repair the properties of these residents.
Grant funding is not provided to individuals. The deadline to submit the
pre-application is August 22, 2011.

NOFA – Housing Preservation Grants

Notice of Funding Availability: Section 533 Housing Preservation Grants for
Fiscal Year 2011.

FY 2011 Pre-application for Housing Preservation Grants

The Section 533 HPG Pre-application form may be accessed from this site and
submitted electronically. You may also contact the State Office in the
state the project is located for hard-copy forms. Hard copy
pre-applications and additional materials can be mailed to the State Office
with your complete application package.

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