Green Infrastructure Demonstration Project Grant

The Alabama Forestry Commission seeks to fund a working
“Green Infrastructure demonstration project where a functional intact forest is retained, restored,
or rehabilitated during urban development to provide an ecological service.
This project will be used as a
statewide model to educate local governments, developers, and other land use
professionals in how to incorporate similar “Green Infrastructure” strategies
in urban development. 

A total of $60,000 in federal cost share funds is available to
eligible applicants. Deadline is August 4, 2008.

Project must show a “Green Infrastructure” component to urban development. This component should demonstrate how an ecological process, either natural or engineered, was retained or created as part of a specific urban development activity. The “Green Infrastructure” component should be of large enough scale to provide measurable and visible effect.
Types of “Green Infrastructure” include creeks, wetlands, ditches, trees, open space, parks, gardens, working forestlands, greenways, conservation easements, aquifers, and watersheds.
Project must have elements of Successful Green
Infrastructure Initiatives as described in greater detail (with case studies)
at the Conservation Fund’s website

Download more information here: FY2008GreenInfrastructure.pdf

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