Tell Congress to Save the RC&D Program

February 16, 2011
Last week, the House of Representatives proposed $100 billion in spending cuts for the current fiscal year (2011) which ends on September 30, 2011.

The result would be cutting RC&D funding mid-year.

 If approved, this legislation would eliminate the RC&D Program.

 Note: This is separate and apart from the President’s FY 2012 budget which does not include RC&D funding.
We will be in contact with our Councils about the FY 2012 budget in the future; our most immediate concern is seeing that there are no cuts for the current fiscal year.

Because Congress failed to complete a budget last year, the federal government is operating under a “Continuing Resolution” that will expire on March 4.
If Congress does not pass another Continuing Resolution, the funding for the RC&D Program will end.
It’s time for all Council Members and supporters to flood the House of Representatives and Senate by phone, email, etc.  Tell them:

RC&D Council Members strongly oppose the $100 billion deficit reduction package.
RC&D spending creates jobs and spurs economic development while conserving precious natural resources.
Consult your area and annual plans and remind Congress of what will NOT happen in your areas if the RC&D Program is eliminated.

If you need information and assistance about contacting your elected Members of Congress, feel free to contact your National Association at 202.434.4780.

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