School Start Bill passes committee

Committees in both the House and the Senate have passed the school start date bill onto the full legislature for a vote. The bill would ensure that state schools will not start back for the fall semester until August 15. Alabama Education Association (AEA) executive secretary Dr. Paul Hubbert joined members of the Alabama tourism industry to speak in favor of the August 15 school start date during the committee hearings last week.  
The state’s economy could grow by more than $300 million if the school start date was moved to mid-August, a study by Montgomery economist Dr. Keivan Deravi shows. Schools would save money on utilities, teachers could earn more money on part-time jobs during a longer summer break, and families would have greater flexibility in planning vacations. Parents have joined tourism officials in support of a later start date. A January poll conducted by the Alabama Education Association’s Capitol Survey Research Center found that 83 percent of voters want their legislators to create a standardized start date for public schools. The AEA delegates assembly approved a resolution in December calling for a later school start date.
Contact your state legislators to show them your support for the school start date bill. For more information contact Patti Culp, Executive Director, Alabama Travel Council  

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