Proposed House Energy Bill Fully Funds LWCF

If this was to become law, the estimate is that Alabama would receive about $7 million dollars per year for Outdoor Recreation projects. In 2008 we received $364,000.

The House of Representatives’ Natural Resources Committee is preparing energy legislation and strongly considering full and dedicated funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF) at the authorized annual level of $900 million. The funding amounts to $450 million for state and local matching grants to acquire and develop recreation parks, forests, and recreation facilities and $450 million to expand and protect national parks, national forests, national wildlife refuges as well as other federally managed public lands.  The bill will be introduced upon legislators’ return in September after the August Recess.
Your support is needed NOW to let your members of Congress know how much you care about the LWCF and the special places that it protects such as parks, refuges, trails, cultural and historic places, public lands, and access to close to home recreation areas in your community.  It is important for parks and recreation advocates to connect with legislators during the August recess, through meet and greet events and arranged meetings with district offices.  Tell your Representatives that their support is needed to ensure that an LWCF full funding provision is a top priority in the Energy Bill and that you will be counting on them to help get this provision enacted into law. The link below is a briefing paper with key message points on the Land and Water Conservation Fund to bring up while you meet with legislators.

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