Photo request from the Alabama Film Department

The Alabama Film Office (AFO) is updating the location photo section of their website. They are seeking the tourism industry’s assistance by requesting you send AFO photos of potential film sites in your community. For a category list of the most requested filming sites please see

The photos will be viewed on the AFO website by production companies when researching film locations in Alabama.  Please limit the number of photos to 5 per category with 6-10 photos of the individual locations. Be sure to include interior/exterior views if possible and specify which location category the photos should be placed. Digital photos are preferred and can be received via email or by sending AFO a photo disc. Each photo image must be in a JPEG format.

General resolution and sizing standards are:

1280 x 1024 resolution (or higher) for large web browsing
144-150 dpi
File size between 200 KB- 1.5 MB
JPEG Compression = 7 is good quality

Along with the photos please send contact, historical and background information on the locations. Include any past film productions that have visited the site. Visit the AFO website at to view your community location photos. AFO also has photos of locations from communities statewide in our archives. Many of these sites no longer exist and the photos could be of importance to your local tourism or historic groups. Please contact AFO if you are interested in receiving photos from your region  

Please mail or email the photos to:

Tommy Fell
Location Coordinator
Alabama Film Office
401 Adams Ave.
Montgomery, Al 36104

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