Losing Two Acres, Every Minute

By the time you finish this article, someone’s back 40 will be lost to urban sprawl.  But some communities have a way to save land from development – and, it’s fair to farmers.

But the evidence that urban sprawl is a problem continues to mount.  Among the many considerations:

  • More then 6 million acres – an area the size of Maryland – were taken out of agriculture and developed between 1992 and 1997 (American Farmland Trust)
  • Within the next 32 years, this country will add 100 million people to its popultion, bringing the total to 400 million.  How we use land in that growth will only become more of an issue.
  • The argument that people have to live somewhere is easily countered by proof that we are planning spaces poorly.  From 1982 to 1997, the US population grew by 17%, but land development grew by 47% (American Farmland Trust).  Since 1994, 55% of developed land went into 10 plus acre lots.

Progressive Farmer, March 2008, pg 46

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