It’s Fruitcake Weather!

2nd Annual Fruitcake Festival
Friday, November 13, 2009
Monroeville, Alabama, Old Courthouse Museum
Truman Capote’s holiday classic “A Christmas Memory” is set just blocks from our Courthouse Square. But since those gentle days of Buddy and Sook, our once grand fruitcake has become the butt of holiday jokes. Please join the noble citizens of Monroeville as we return the fruitcake to its rightful place as Queen of the Christmas Dessert Table. “It’s fruitcake weather!” is our battle cry!

 Monroeville, Ala., will hold its second annual Fruitcake Festival, Friday, Nov. 13, at the Old Courthouse Museum on the town square. The all­day event is a celebration of Truman Capote and the holiday dessert immortalized in his enduring holiday classic, “A Christmas Memory.” The festival includes fruitcake sales and auctions, recipe exchanges, Capote­-related Christmas gifts and homemade kites similar to the ones Sook and Truman make in the story. The event is sponsored by the Monroe County Heritage Museum’s Endowment Fund.

Master storyteller Dolores Hydock ends the festive day by bringing Capote’s nostalgic Christmas classic to  life in the courtroom at 7 p.m. Tickets for the reading are $25 and include a holiday reception with fruitcake, of  course!

Capote’s tender tale of family, friendship and fruitcakes is set  in Monroeville — just a few blocks from the Courthouse  where Capote spent his childhood with his eldery cousins, the Faulks. The short story is one of Capote’s most popular works and is built around an annual ritual he shared with Sook Faulk of gathering ingredients and making 30 fruitcakes as Christmas presents for people who struck their fancy ranging from the bus driver who waved on his way to Mobile each day to President Franklin Roosevelt. 

The story begins on a chilly autumn morning with Sook standing at the window to utter the famous line, “It’s fruitcake weather!”   In the 1930s, when “A Christmas Memory” is set, fruitcakes  were a cherished holiday tradition. Today, however, the often­ maligned fruitcake is more likely the punch line of holiday jokes.

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