Intrinsic Qualities: A Study Activity For Every Byway

By Curt Pianalto with Rob Balmes, Byways Specialists 

As part of the 2009 expansion of the America’s Byways® collection, the U.S. Secretary of Transportation designated sections of the Great River Road in four States (Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, and Tennessee). Now, ten States have designated byway sections along the Mississippi River ( 
In one of the first face-to-face meetings since the 2009 Designation Event, members of each State of the Great River Road gathered for the Mississippi River Parkway Commission’s annual meeting September 10, 2010 in La Crosse, Wisconsin. The Mississippi Parkway Commission is the coordinating agency for the promotional efforts of the ten-State Great River Road. 
Rob Balmes and I had the opportunity and honor to facilitate sessions at the annual meeting. We focused on intrinsic qualities and brainstorming potential strategic projects.
Each section of the Great River Road had previously decided that history would be its primary intrinsic quality for designation. We challenged the participants to think about the intrinsic qualities of the entire Great River Road. (read the full article)

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