Helen Keller statute unveiling at the Alabama State Capitol on Friday

A bronze statue of Helen Keller will be unveiled at 2:30 p.m. at the Alabama State Capitol on Friday, Dec. 4. The statue matches the one that was placed in the U.S. Capitol in October. The statue depicts the Tuscumbia native as a seven-year-old at her family’s water pump at the moment when she learned language as teacher Anne Sullivan spelled “W-A-T-E-R” into one of her hands as she held the other hand under the pump. The iconic image was famously portrayed in the film The Miracle Worker. “Helen Keller was an extraordinary Alabamian who showed us the power of a determined human spirit can overcome any obstacle. The remarkable moment at the water pump, so vividly captured by this statue, will inspire countless others and remind them there truly are no limits to what people can accomplish,” said Governor Riley. First Lady Patsy Riley served as the honorary chairperson of a committee that raised private donations and selected an artist to create the statue. The statue is made of bronze, its base is Alabama marble and it weighs almost 600 pounds.

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