FY2009 Transportation Enhancement grant

The Alabama Department of Transportation (ALDOT) is soliciting applications for Transportations Enhancement (TE) projects for FY2009.  Applications were mailed to Mayors of Cities and Towns, County Commission Chairmen, Presidents of Universities and Colleges.  Enhancements (TE) activities are federally funded, community-based projects that expand travel choices and enhance the transportation experience by improving the cultural, historic, aesthetic and environmental aspects of our transportation infrastructure.

TE projects must be one of 12 eligible activities and must relate to surface transportation:

1. Pedestrian and bicycle facilities;
2. Pedestrian and bicycle safety and educational activities;
3. Acquisition of scenic or historic easements and sites;
4. Scenic or historic  highway programs including tourist and welcome centers;
5. Landscaping and scenic beautification;
6. Historic preservation;
7. Rehabilitation and operation of historic transportation buildings, structures or facilities;
8. Conversion of abandoned railway corridors to trails;
9. Inventory, control, and removal of outdoor advertising;
10. Archaeological planning & research;
11. Environmental mitigation of runoff pollution and provision of wildlife connectivity;
12. Establishment of transportation museums. 

For more details on these 12 areas of eligibility visit www.enhancements.org/12_activities.asp. The federal government provides funding for TE projects through our nation’s surface transportation legislation.  The closure date for submittal of applications and support documents is Friday, October 3, 2008, 5:00 p.m.

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