Funding for Alabama’s Byways

Federal Highway Administration has awarded the Alabama Department of
Transportation $52,500 to enhance Alabama’s scenic byways. The grant
will provide for the expansion of wayfinding and interpretive training
for Alabama byway advocates through the Alabama Association of Regional
AARC plans to use the funding to
provide initial and ongoing educational opportunities to all of
Alabama’s state and nationally designated scenic byways, as well as
encourage additional interest in the byways program as a whole by
providing Alabama byway advocates with a greater understanding of what
will most effectively help the traveling public.  Byway advocates will
have the opportunity to attend one of five workshops AARC will hold in
different parts of the state to obtain practical information about
improving byway signage, creating useful brochures, and working to
secure state and national designations for scenic roads in their areas. Check back in the coming months for more information on these exciting workshops!

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