CAMP 2010 MONROEVILLE “Literary Capitol of Alabama” Commission Assistance and Mentoring Program

CAMP is a training program provided by the National Alliance of Preservation Commissions, an organization committed to sup-porting the work of local preservation commissions. National speakers will bring their expertise on the meeting topics. Past workshops in Demopolis and Mobile have received positive re-views from Alabama preservation commission members and city officials. We encourage all commission members, staff and city officials from our CLG communities and towns interested in the program to attend. Architects are eligible to receive continuing education credits for attendance.  

Legal Issues: Covering the legal basis for commission operations including procedural due process, takings, appeals, ethics, prop-erty rights, economic hardship, and more. 

Standards and Guidelines: This component provides an under-standing of the relationship be-tween Federal Standards and local design guidelines to use these tools effectively. 

Public Support: Historic pres-ervation commissions regularly get bogged down in the day-to-day issues of reviewing applica-tions and forget they are public servants who should enthusiastically promote local preservation.
Participants learn how to en-gineer local support for designa-tions, survive unpopular decisions, and deal with reluctant elected offi-cials. 
Local Planning Issues: A preser-vation commission is most effective when its work is a part of the larger local planning process. This session covers the essential elements of preservation planning and how to make it a part of your commission’s operation. 

Additional information will be presented on staffing options for small town HPC’s and the eligibility requirements for properties to be designated as a World Heritage Site.

download the brochure:

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