Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau celebrates 20th anniversary

The Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau celebrated their 20th anniversary of service to the community this week when a year of promotional activities culminated in a festive luncheon at the Hotel at Auburn University. Legislators, city and county officials, hoteliers, retailers, and Auburn University officials were among those invited to commemorate the occasion with tourism bureau staff and board members.
“Tourism revenues in our community have increased over 99% the past 10 years,” said John Wild, bureau president. “The positive economic impact of our industry in the Auburn-Opelika area cannot be understated, and we are proud to serve and to share this great community with visitors from around the world.”
Advertising campaigns for the year were designed to inform local residents about the impact of tourism and visitor spending on the economy in Lee County. The “We Just Thought You Should Know” series provided a variety of compelling statistics: On an average day, visitors spend $709,589 in the Auburn-Opelika area. If the citizens of Lee County had to replace the tax revenues provided by tourism dollars, every single household would owe an additional $396 per year. Tourism revenues injected $1,860,000 directly into our cities’ general funds last year.
The featured presenter at Thursday’s luncheon was Lee Sentell, director of the Alabama Tourism Department. Sentell commented on the importance of tourism to the state’s economy and praised the Auburn-Opelika Tourism Bureau for playing a significant role in bringing visitors to Alabama. He also noted John Wild’s contributions to the development of the amateur and youth sports market both in Auburn-Opelika and in the state as a whole.

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