Attention ACE Community Leaders

ACE is striving to promote tourism in the 26 ACE Communities and we need YOUR HELP!!  We are in the process of developing a NEW section on the ACE website that promotes tourism! We need your expertise to determine the top TEN attractions AND the BEST events in your community and provide a description and current contact information.

Please determine who in your community will be the best person to assist us in gathering the information. Our GOAL is to have this new section LIVE on the website by early 2013, therefore, we ask that the information be returned via e-mail or fax by December 18!

Attached are two documents: one for Attractions, and another for Events.  We ask that there be no more than five (5) events. Remember, these are your BEST events. Don’t feel the need to submit 5 if you only have one BIG event.  Your participation is vital to ensure we identify the attractions/events that will promote tourism for your community. (You will be receiving a form to fill out via email and we’ll follow up with a phone call after the Thanksgiving holidays.)

Think beyond museums and attractions…think about the experience and the impact you want to have on your visitors.  Remember, appeal to a broad audience.  Incorporate different things into your itinerary: historic structures, shopping, food, scenic views, the oldest tree in the county, etc.

We will be contacting you by telephone following the Thanksgiving Holidays to discuss the project in more detail, and obtain the name of the person you would like for us to work with to collect the information.


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