Alabama one of the top states for inbound moves

From the article “Alabama ranks fourth in nation for inbound moves” by Lauren B. Cooper in the Jan.7 edition of the Birmingham Business Journal:
Alabama ranked fourth in the country for the most inbound household moves last year in a new national report conducted by a moving company. According to United Van Lines’ migration study, more than 58 percent of the company’s total shipments in and out of Alabama were inbound, compared to nearly 42 percent outbound. That’s fourth behind the District of Columbia with more than 62 percent inbound traffic last year, Nevada with more than 59 percent and North Carolina with more than 58 percent.

Those states that had the most outbound traffic included, respectively, Michigan with more than 67 percent outbound traffic last year, North Dakota with nearly 59 percent, New Jersey with nearly 59 percent and Pennsylvania with 58 percent. United Van Lines tracked shipment patterns in each state and based the study on 198,962 interstate household moves in the country in 2008, said a news release.
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