Alabama Journey magazine does feature on Moundville

From the article “A New Look at Moundville” by Kendra Strey in Alabama Journey magazine published by AAA:

Scholars do not fully understand the rise or fall of Moundville, an ancient American Indian city in the Black Warrior River valley near Tuscaloosa. A newly renovated museum located in Moundville Archaeological Park, a site that encompasses the community’s remains, attempts to explain what is known about the mysterious city’s past. Animated holograms, life-size casts of American Indian models, and more than 200 artifacts relate the history of this former political and religious center. The park’s 28 namesake earth mounds were hand-formed platforms for civic and ceremonial buildings and the homes of nobility. Visitors can climb several dozen steps to reach the 58-foot crest of the largest mound, which archaeologists believe housed the chieftain. On Oct. 6-9, the park hosts the annual Moundville Native American Festival. Arts and crafts demonstrations, hands-on kid’s activities, storytelling, and more will teach about the Mississippian culture that once thrived in this community, as well as share traditions of tribes from throughout the Southeast.
For the complete article please see the September/October issue of Alabama Journey magazine.

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