Alabama Historical Commission: Action Needed!

AHC is facing big budget problems and we are asking that $250,000 be added to the Governor’s proposed AHC budget. This takes us from a 45% cut down to a 36% cut. We know it’s rough and that we need to take our share of cuts, but 45% is just too much. Please help by calling the chair of the budget committees for both the House and the Senate TODAY.  A vote may come as early as this week so time is critical!

Below and attached are some talking points and attached is a list of the members on the senate and house budget committees. Not only are we asking you to call, but please call others in the community you know will also call.

Thanks for your support!

Alabama’s historic and archaeological places are at risk!
The Alabama Historical Commission is facing a devastating 45% budget cut for FY 2012.

Please contact your legislators today.
Tell them this cut is too deep.
Ask them to add $250,000 to the Governor’s request.
This will reduce our cut to 36%. Even at this level, we are faced with:

o    eliminating or crippling essential programs and services like
o    documenting, monitoring and registering state landmarks and cemeteries
o    ending digitization of irreplaceable data about Alabama buildings
o    on-site professional assessments of buildings and archeological sites
o    training and assistance programs
o    reducing or ending educational programs like
o    Alabama Frontier Days at Fort Toulouse
o    summer Candlelight Tours at Fort Morgan
o    tours of our Alabama Capitol
o    closing or reducing hours at historic sites across the state
o    losing income from admissions and gift shop sales, compounding the cuts
o    ending needed capital repairs and rehab projects on our historic sites
o    laying off staff, loosing irreplaceable expertise

Tell them you value Alabama’s heritage and the services and programs the Alabama Historical Commission provides your community. Tell them you value your local historic site and its positive impact on your community. Tell them preservation is a powerful tool for economic development.

o    creates private sector jobs at all income levels in construction and tourism industries
o    increases property values and tax revenues, returning vacant buildings to tax rolls
o    enhances tourism–the state’s #2 industry
o    provides affordable spaces for small businesses–our key job generators
o    maintains capital investments made by earlier generations
o    helps create the kind of communities that attract industry

o    lower tax revenues from sales, income and property tax
o    loss of private sector jobs and household income
o    less attractive image for tourists and industry
o    irretrievable loss of our cultural and historic heritage

Tell them Economic Development, Jobs, and Alabama’s Heritage are at stake.

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