Alabama Folk Pottery: lecture and demonstrations

Tuesday, April 14, 2009
5:00pm – 7:00pm
Black Belt Treasures
209 Claiborne Street
Camden, AL

Black Belt Treasures and The Alabama Humanities Foundation invite you
to attend the first of three programs designed to examine the history
and evolution of artistic practices and their contribution to the human
experience. Three programs offered in April and June will provide
opportunities to hear and experience scholarship on topics of local and
universal interest.

This first session features Alabama Folk Pottery
author Joey Brackner who will lecture and lead a discussion on
the history of folk pottery, identifying specific areas of traditional
pottery in Black Belt Alabama.

Brackner’s lecture will be followed by pottery demonstrations by Allen Ham and Sam Williams.

Ham is a fifth generation potter and descendant of the Le Coste family
(potters who arrived in Alabama in the early 1800s and have passed
traditional pottery techniques through the family). He will demonstrate
the traditional form of pottery.

Sam Williams, a well known
and prolific potter in Black Belt Alabama, is a contemporary potter who
is using the art form in new and innovative ways. The two
demonstrations will illustrate the evolution of pottery as an art form.

Brackner’s book, Alabama Folk Pottery
, as well as pottery by Allen Ham
and Sam Williams is available for purchase at Black Belt Treasures.

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