2010 Building Communities Conference Coordinating Transportation and the Built Environment for Sustainable Growth October 7th and 8th

Featured Presenters:


PlaceMakers: PlaceMakers addresses the full scope of
placemaking, putting their focus on the kind of viability that turns vision
into reality. United by their mutual passion for creating timeless and
endearing places, they are a unique collection of professionals who’ve
committed to translating time-tested principles into purposeful efforts for
quality growth.



Hall Planning and Engineering plans towns and cities with
the nation’s most respected New Urban design firms. HPE’s practice centers on creating
walkable, context sensitive transportation solutions. HPE bridges the gap between
planning (often too general) and engineering (often too specific). HPE’s role focuses
on transportation planning for pedestrian scale, compact urban design. Services
include TND charrette support, walkable thoroughfare design, public
involvement, urban complete streets, traffic engineering, growth management and
concurrency analysis, parking and circulation, and preliminary design studies.

Download the agenda:


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