16 of the best birding sites around Alabama

Alabama's Birding Trails

Alabama’s Birding Trails

Originally for Outdoor Alabama (ran in the Sept. Oct. 2013 magazine), now included on the Alabama Birding Trails website! 16 of the best birding sites around Alabama–all part of the Alabama Birding Trails!

With over 430 bird species documented in Alabama, there’s more to see here than you can imagine. Watching a Bald Eagle feeding babies in the nest near Guntersville State Park? Check! Sitting quietly as dozens of Rose-breasted Grosbeaks literally crash-land into the nearest tree on Dauphin Island. Absolutely! These are just two of the stops along this series of 8 trails and over 260 stops.

Ask ten bird-watchers to name the top 10 bird-watching spots in Alabama for spotting birds and you’ll likely get ten different answers. It depends on the time of year, they’ll say. It depends on what types of birds you want to see, they’ll argue. But some of the same spots show up in every birder’s secret list of places. Here are some of the the best bird-watching hot spots in Alabama, all located along one of Alabama’s Birding Trails:



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